Naperville Cosmetic Dentists on the Basics of Dental Crowns

Naperville Cosmetic DentistsA leader among Naperville cosmetic dentists, Smiles by Dr. Gibson of Promenade Dental of Naperville’s namesake Dr. Chiann Gibson has helped many patients struggling with a host of dentistry issues. One of the most common procedures she offers is the dental crown, sometimes called a dental cap. The dental crown is a porcelain tooth covering used to protect damaged and defective teeth from further impairment. A crown looks precisely like a real tooth and will cover the tooth’s surface for durability and strength.

As individuals age, Dr. Gibson says that tiny cracks often begin to develop in the teeth, most notably in the molars. Discomfort and sharp pain indicate that a major issue has occurred. Other factors that might bring about the need for a dental crown include tooth decay and chewing issues. Additionally, some people have discolored or misshapen teeth, and a dental crown offers the optimal way to improve their aesthetic appearance, according to Dr. Gibson.

The pioneer of Naperville cosmetic dentists explains that a crown works well when large fillings have weakened the overall structure and strength of the tooth. Dental crowns have proven particularly useful for patients who have some form of bridge or structural weakness. Those with dental implants or missing teeth can also benefit from a dental crown.

Naperville cosmetic dentists have noted the artistic techniques of Dr. Gibson, who can take care of a patient within just a visit or two. During the first visit, the patient’s tooth undergoes “crown prep,” which first involves filing down the damaged tooth. Molds are taken and delivered to lab technicians who will create the permanent crown. Patients are fitted with a temporary crown during this process, which lasts approximately two to three weeks. When the permanent crown has been installed, patients can expect it to last upwards of 30 years.