Naperville Cosmetic Dentists Leader Dr. Chiann Gibson Offers Guidance on Ergonomic Toothbrushes

Naperville Cosmetic DentistsErgonomic toothbrushes have been designed with special handles and brush heads that allow people to clean their teeth with greater effectiveness, reports Dr. Chiann Gibson, a leader among Naperville cosmetic dentists. Created in both manual and electric models, today’s ergonomic toothbrushes continue to line the shelves of drugstores, supermarkets and pharmacies throughout the United States.

As affirmed by other Naperville cosmetic dentists, Dr. Chiann Gibson reports that ergonomic toothbrushes help her patients to reach the upper back molars, the lower front teeth and other hard-to-clean regions of the mouth. According to Dr. Gibson, ergonomic toothbrushes have lighter handles and more comfortable grips for ease of use. Bristles on certain models of ergonomic toothbrushes form a convex shape ideal for reaching lower front teeth.

Patients of Dr. Chiann Gibson who may achieve better results from the use of an ergonomic toothbrush include young children who have not acquired the dexterity for holding a toothbrush properly. Adults with certain physical disabilities or limitations – strokes, for instance, or Parkinson’s disease – could also benefit greatly from an ergonomic toothbrush. For more information about ergonomic toothbrushes, Dr. Gibson advises people to contact their dentist or hygienist.

Naperville cosmetic dentists like Dr. Chiann Gibson know that patients are unlikely to see any major benefits from ergonomic toothbrushes if they have other poor dental habits, however. Brushing practices often have a much greater impact on a patient’s oral hygiene than the brand or type of toothbrush used. As most Naperville cosmetic dentists would agree, adults and children should brush their teeth three times per day in order to ensure proper oral hygiene. By doing so, they help to avoid cavity formation and keep plaque from causing significant problems in the future. Finally, Naperville cosmetic dentists expert Dr. Chiann Gibson advises patients to rinse with a mouthwash or chew sugar-free gum in between meals.