Time a Factor in Saving Lost Tooth | Naperville Cosmetic Dentists      

Naperville Cosmetic Dentists      Quick thinking and proper preservation may prevent permanent tooth loss after facial trauma, according to Naperville Cosmetic Dentists.

Q: What is tooth avulsion, and what are some of the causes?

Naperville Cosmetic Dentists: An avulsed tooth is one that has been removed prematurely from the mouth due to an accident or injury. Teeth can get knocked out in many different ways, all revolving around trauma to the face. One of the most common causes of tooth avulsion is sports injury, especially in children.

Q: How can I prevent this from happening?

Naperville Cosmetic Dentists: There is no 100% guarantee that a tooth will not be knocked loose if you experience blunt-force trauma to the face. However, those that play contact sports may reduce their chances of injury through the use of a custom-fit mouth guard. Continue reading


When Bad Breath Needs More than a Mint | Naperville Cosmetic Dentists

Naperville Cosmetic DentistsSometimes masking unpleasant breath isn’t enough. Here, Naperville Cosmetic Dentists explain the potential causes of bad breath beyond poor oral hygiene and when it’s time to see your dentist.

Q: Aside from not brushing enough, what are some of the most common reasons for bad breath in adults?

Naperville Cosmetic Dentists: There are dozens of causes of oral malodor. Some are behavioral, including use of tobacco, alcohol, or eating certain types of food. Others are cause for more concern. Bad breath is the signature of many chronic conditions including diabetes, some respiratory illnesses, and gastrointestinal disturbances.

Q: Can a dentist diagnose any of these conditions?

Naperville Cosmetic Dentists: While your dentist can rule out dental issues like a faulty crown or food impaction, a primary healthcare provider should be consulted if dental treatment isn’t viable. Many people are alerted to unknown health conditions by seeing their doctor at the recommendation of their oral care professionals, including dentists and hygienists. Continue reading

Naperville Cosmetic Dentists Leader Dr. Chiann Gibson Offers Guidance on Ergonomic Toothbrushes

Naperville Cosmetic DentistsErgonomic toothbrushes have been designed with special handles and brush heads that allow people to clean their teeth with greater effectiveness, reports Dr. Chiann Gibson, a leader among Naperville cosmetic dentists. Created in both manual and electric models, today’s ergonomic toothbrushes continue to line the shelves of drugstores, supermarkets and pharmacies throughout the United States.

As affirmed by other Naperville cosmetic dentists, Dr. Chiann Gibson reports that ergonomic toothbrushes help her patients to reach the upper back molars, the lower front teeth and other hard-to-clean regions of the mouth. According to Dr. Gibson, ergonomic toothbrushes have lighter handles and more comfortable grips for ease of use. Bristles on certain models of ergonomic toothbrushes form a convex shape ideal for reaching lower front teeth.

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Naperville Cosmetic Dentists Leader Dr. Chiann Gibson Explains the Benefits of Mouthwash

Naperville Cosmetic DentistsMouthwashes come along with their fair share of health benefits, according to Dr. Chiann Gibson, a pioneer among Naperville cosmetic dentists. Many products available on the market advertise their prowess as “gum-disease fighters,” “teeth whiteners,” and “plaque zappers.” Although these claims may be true, it’s important to examine each of the products before making a final purchase.

Mouthwashes offer a variety of benefits for today’s consumers – but it’s necessary to understand that all rinses are not made alike, says Naperville cosmetic dentists leader Dr. Chiann Gibson. Mouthwashes found at the pharmacy or drugstore may contain a wide range of ingredients including chlorhexidine (Peridex), alcohol (Listerine) and fluoride (Act).

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Naperville Cosmetic Dentists and Dr. Chiann Gibson Instruct Patients on Proper Oral Health

Naperville Cosmetic DentistsIt’s no surprise that a beautiful smile can make a person feel younger and more attractive, says Dr. Chiann Gibson. One of the premier Naperville cosmetic dentists, Dr. Gibson helps her patients take steps to making this dream a reality. For other Naperville cosmetic dentists and dental patients, Dr. Chiann Gibson offers a few suggestions that help people achieve whiter and brighter teeth.

Q: When advising patients about their oral health, what are the initial pieces of advice you typically give them?

Dr. Chiann Gibson, Naperville Cosmetic Dentists: First things first. Brushing is the most important element of any oral hygiene plan.

Q: How is brushing such a fundamental part of this process?

Dr. Chiann Gibson, Naperville Cosmetic Dentists: Brushing can freshen breath, clean the teeth and remove all unwanted food particles.

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Leader of Naperville Cosmetic Dentists, Dr. Chiann Gibson, Shares Perspective on Dental Practices

Naperville Cosmetic DentistsFor Naperville cosmetic dentists, Dr. Chiann Gibson has proven to be a perfect example of quality dental care. As a leader among Naperville cosmetic dentists, the team at Smiles By Dr. Gibson of Promenade Dental of Naperville has seen and done it all. Throughout her career, Dr. Gibson has served as a champion of Naperville cosmetic dentists by traveling the country as a public speaker for numerous dental organizations.

In representing Naperville cosmetic dentists across the United States, Dr. Gibson has established herself as a reliable resource for information.  While other Naperville cosmetic dentists may see adults and children, Dr. Gibson is equipped to handle the family’s entire dental needs by offering a vast array of dental procedures including veneers, crowns and Invisalign braces. Dr. Gibson’s services include restorative care, children’s dentistry and aesthetic services. When patients in need of Naperville cosmetic dentists might view the mouth as a set of teeth and a tongue, Dr. Gibson sees much more.

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Naperville Cosmetic Dentists Build Hollywood Smiles for All Clients

Naperville Cosmetic DentistsDr. Chiann Gibson of Smiles by Dr. Gibson of Promenade Dental of Naperville has been recognized as one of the “best of” Naperville cosmetic dentists.

Q: Tell us about some of your most notable clients and experiences.

Naperville Cosmetic Dentists: Our celebrity clients include NFL wide receiver Don Beebe, former Chicago White Sox third baseman Eric Soderholm and a number of actors and entertainers in the movie industry. I’ve also been honored to win several awards and accolades. As a former Mrs. United States of America, perhaps the most treasured title is “Official Dentist of Miss Universe,” bestowed upon me by pageant owner Donald Trump. When we claim to create Hollywood Smiles, we mean it quite literally!

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